My morbid Shinanigance

Anavie R. ALegre
19 . Philippines . Deviant

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Whatever I post here are just some of the things I feel, like and wish. I hope you don't mind but I'm a big fan of Tokio Hotel so you WILL see posts of them here. :)


My life mainly evolves around ANIME STUFF-TOKIO HOTEL-SCHOOL STUFF-INTERNET-HOME. And yeah, my blog will have things related to these. You've been WARNED! God Bless and Take Care always! Oh, and I sometimes write poems and stuff like that too.

P.S I love seeing two men together so.. yeah.. THAT too.

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    That awkward moment when a filler character shows up and looks exactly like a fucking oc of yours. Then you throw said...
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