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Hello! Welcome to my blog. Whatever I post here are just some of the things I feel, like and wish. I hope you don't mind but I'm a big fan of Tokio Hotel so you WILL see posts of them here. :)


My life mainly evolves around ANIME STUFF-TOKIO HOTEL-SCHOOL STUFF-INTERNET-HOME. And yeah, my blog will have things related to these. You've been WARNED! God Bless and Take Care always! Oh, and I sometimes write poems and stuff like that too.

P.S I love seeing two men together so.. yeah.. THAT too.


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Visit for the sources and new articles.

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I’ve never read any work of a structuralist and post-structuralist person but I heard this guy’s one of the forerunners of the movement so… -.- Demmmn… Do they write beautifully.. I can’t help but imagine actually receiving love letters from this person. I could just imagine the feels and witness my self melt to goo.


Have anybody else notice that he is using THE T-shirt?!

I think it”s actually Makoto’s shirt, he probably just let Haru borrow it. haha. XD


Have anybody else notice that he is using THE T-shirt?!

I think it”s actually Makoto’s shirt, he probably just let Haru borrow it. haha. XD

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1. Ask yourself what it is that you really want. Write it in a journal.

2. Ask yourself what’s stopping you? What are the obstacles holding you back? What could you do about them?

3. Where do you see yourself one month from now? How do you imagine your life to be days, months or years from…


inspired by this based on this poem.

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Sometimes when I don’t do anything, there are just things that go to mind unconsciously. And one of the random things that I thought of was about Hiroaki. -.- I really really want to do an essay about their relationship! It would be too much work though, if I really wanted my analysis to be legit. 

Our Hiroaki tag has been in stagnation for so long, for lack of fanfics and fanarts just the same. But of course, I know the love of my fellow shippers for this pair has not ceased to exist despite the stagnation in our tag. There’s a lot of us I guess, since KyoAni even made a movie about our favourite pairing plus that extra one episode where Hiroomi was punished and as punishment he’s going to be with Akkey. Any way, I just realised something. 

We are made to believe that Hiroomi actually hated Akkey from the beginning, and their deal with each other was just Hiroomi doing his job as a spirit warrior. But no. It’s not the case at all, the OVA made this clear. HIROOMI NEVER HATED AKKEY. If he hated him, then why would he swear to protect him?? Why would he swear to become a better spirit warrior than his sister and protect Akkey? 

I think that what happened in the OVA, Akkey and Hiroomi working together to fight what that person Meroku (I’m not sure that’s his name), the guy who’s always provokes Izumi, contributed to their friendship. Actually Akkey’s the type of person that you could easily get along with. So probably, just like his sister, or even before his sister got attached to Akkey, Hiroomi got attached. He probably thought that why should he treat Akkey like a youmu when he’s actually human? There’s no difference between him and Akkey, they feel the same things, they feel pain, they feel happiness. The only difference is that Akkey does not die. 

His actions, being mean to Akkey and the like, is probably just him denying his feelings for the guy. He wants to separate himself from Akkey because technically they are foes, since he is a spirit warrior and Akkey’s half youmu. In order for him to do his job properly, he shouldn’t get to close to him. The same thing happened to Mirai right? She did not intend to get close to anyone at first, but we know what happened in the end right?

Hiroomi is given the job to always keep an eye on Akkey. And of course since that’s his job, he can’t help but know all about the guy, the things he likes, the things he abhors and the like. And of course, he can’t help but see all the good and the bad things about him. 

I can just imagine the nights Hiroomi stays awake just thinking about those things. I can just imagine the things that he would argue with himself about Akkey being a youmu and then after that he would also remember the times they had together. The times where he can’t help but realise that indeed Akkey’s human and then he would end up falling asleep because of too much thinking. 

As for Akkey, as the one being kept an eye on, of course it is inevitable for him to get to know that one keeping an eye on him. I think it’s only natural.  That’s why in their interactions, both of them seem really close and very knowledgeable of each other. Akkey might not like Hiroomi very much, but it’s all part of their relationship. In the end, both of them are very conscious of each other whether they like it or not. 

Tsk.. Ah, I really love this pair. 


Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After

Song means nothing: it is in this that you will understand at last what it is that I give yowl as useless as the wisp of yarn, the pebble held out to his mother by the child.