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Hello! Welcome to my blog. Whatever I post here are just some of the things I feel, like and wish. I hope you don't mind but I'm a big fan of Tokio Hotel so you WILL see posts of them here. :)


My life mainly evolves around ANIME STUFF-TOKIO HOTEL-SCHOOL STUFF-INTERNET-HOME. And yeah, my blog will have things related to these. You've been WARNED! God Bless and Take Care always! Oh, and I sometimes write poems and stuff like that too.

P.S I love seeing two men together so.. yeah.. THAT too.

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Handwritten by whitepaperquotes contributor Jenny 


I can't believe that I'll never see you again.

I haven't told you anything yet.
I haven't told you anything yet.


Nyanperowna Adult Line

Photo from October 2014 Zero Sum

OHMYGAWD. WHAT IS THIS? O.O I’m crying. my OT3 efff… 

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80 plays 80 plays

Well I know that getting you
alone isn’t easy to do

But with the exception of you
I dislike everyone in the room

And I don’t wanna lie but
I don’t wanna tell you the truth

Get the sense that you’re on the move
and you’ll probably be leaving soon

So I’m telling you

Stop the world cause I wanna get off with you

Do I wanna know?
If this feeling flows both ways
Sad to see you go
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay
Baby we both know
That the nights were mainly made for saying
things that you can’t say tomorrow day

I can’t help but want to draw nonstop when listening to Arctic Monkey’s AM Album. -.-”  This is from their song Don’t I wanna Know. Such a beautiful song, everyline is a masterpiece!


The accursed Dutchman is doomed to wander the seas until he has found a woman who will be eternally faithful. I am that Flying Dutchman; I cannot stop wandering (loving) because of an ancient sign which dedicated me, in the remote days of my earliest childhood to the god of image-repertoire, afflicting me with the compulsion to speak which leads me to say “I love you” in one port of and gives it back to me.
A Lover’s Discourse by Roland Barthes